Castle CrashersÂŽ

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  • Release date: 8/31/2010
  • Developer: The Behemoth
  • Genre: Action
  • Content rating: ESRB Teen
Castle CrashersÂŽ

Castle CrashersÂŽ

The Behemoth

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Castle Crashers Review: Save Your Kingdom And Find Your Princess

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Professional Review

Castle Crashers is a game, made in the genre Beat'em up and developed by the independent studio the Behemoth. You can download Castle Crashers on PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and MacOS.

Graphics: 5

In the fall of 2015, the game received a remastered version in which there were added higher resolution textures. Castle Crashers does not attempt to fill itself with some kind of graphic delights, and is often minimalistic, but it catches its unique style. By the way, each weapon has its own design, and each character has special magic effects. Also, there is one more attractive feature: all the personages in the game are hand-drawn.

Gameplay: 4

This two-dimensional platformer will give you a great chance to reincarnate as one of handsome knights who is destined to save princesses. Though the storyline is rather banal, it doesn’t spoil a common impression.

Armed with a glorious weapon, you will nobly rip beautiful girls out of the evil monsters’ and creepy villains’ clutches. You can do anything: cut, conjure, go for any tricks – the main thing is to win!

Each knight has got his own weapon: mace, sword, or bow with arrows. Also, every personage has a unique magical gift. The red knight uses blinding power, the blue knight can freeze monsters, the green knight takes advantage of toxic substances, and the orange knight uses the power of fire. Also, for each arena passed in single-player mode, you will open one more personage.

In the game process, you will receive an experience that can be spent on improving four characteristics: strength, magic, protection, and agility. You should use points conscientiously.

Controls: 4

Controls in the game are pleasant, and there are no problems with them. Usually, you have to knock only four buttons, responsible for quick hit, swipe, magic or jump. In the beginning, you’ll have a small guide in which it’s shown what you should press and hold. If default settings don’t suit you, it’s possible to change them in the menu and choose other buttons.

Replay Value: 3

After finishing the game, you can transfer your character to «Insane mode». In this case, you will open a shop with unique things. Also, the return of the previous complexity will be impossible. For those, who are tired of the campaign, the game has arena mode and «Back Off Barbarian2. The latter, by the way, was added to the remastered version of the game.

If you feel that you can’t cope with monsters, call your friends and continue the standoff already in the cooperative mode. In this Castle Crashes Review, we want to say that you should prepare that smashing enemies will quickly bore you if you play alone.

The Bottom Line

So, Castle Crashers is a nice game to play in a small company of friends. Jokes and comical situations will make your mood better, and big waves of enemies will heat a great desire to kill them. Download Castle Crashers, and become a brave knight.

Also, there are many skills that you can upgrade, and lots of weapons that will help you to crush monsters. Anyway, if you play alone, you won’t spend a lot of time in this game.



In general, if you’ve been looking for a funny arcade project to play in the company, Castle Crashers is the best choice for you.

Pros : A lot of humor;
Possibility to upgrade skills;
Stylish graphics;

Cons : Replay Value isn’t high;
Stale plot.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 3.0

Average : 4.0

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
One of the most trending games right now!
One of the best action games ever!

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