Cat Quest

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  • Release date: 11/14/2017
  • Developer: PQUBE LTD
  • Genre: Action
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone
Cat Quest

Cat Quest


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Cat Quest Review

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Professional Review

Cat Quest is a role-playing video game settled in one of the most universally appealing backgrounds - the world of cats. If you want to experience the action journey, combined with multiple tasks, fights and mysteries - download Cat Quest and get started.

The game is not an innovation within the genre, but the unusual plot and a bit of humour makes it an ideal option for an everyday rest. Moreover, comparatively short game sessions and rapid rate expansion attracts from the very beginning. Either you are a cat, dog or hamster lover, you should try entering this amazingly adorable and positive world of cats.

Gameplay: 5

Although Cat Quest has nothing new about the role-playing game genre, it is a perfect combination of action, fantasy plot and classic hack-and-slash gameplay. The gameplay scenery goes from a top-down perspective with a broad perspective over the land of Felingard kingdom.

Your character is the last member of blood night cats, who can save Felingard with his trusty sword. The game target is saving the cat’s sister from an evil cat and fighting against dragons to save the free land. Player faces a set of various quests, supported by an excellent simple soundtrack. Actions include real-time fights, solving puzzles, dungeon crawling, traits collecting, etc.

Graphics: 4

As other game elements, graphics as well amazes with its simple cuteness and charm. Colorful trophies are easy to collect, the kingdom landscape provides perfect guidance and creates a positive and vibrant atmosphere. This imagery is a perfect throwback to classic role-play action games with simple imagery, simple details, and cute characters. The landscape is very diverse with forests, hills, caves, lakes, rivers and cute towns made in a comic-like style.

Bright accents made over the magic weapon usage add dynamics to the battle stage. Exciting and colorful, although sometimes childish imagery is an excellent option for full storage. Try downloading Cat Quest even if you haven't got much Mbs on your smartphone, and you will be surprised with how little space this giant cat universe needs.

Replay Value: 4

Right after Cat Quest download, you can start with the mission and grow your experience really fast: each completed mission gives you more information needed to complete the next quest. A player as well received new loots and experience that increases the level of your character and increases your stats. Therefore, it is hard to leave all received bonuses and start once again. However, the rates grow quite fast and easy, and getting developed states won’t take much time. At the same time, all progress can be saved in the cloud, that makes it possible for you to proceed with your game with all data saved.

Controls: 5

One of the best points is how easy it is to start playing with a rather simple control mode. One of the most dynamic parts - the battle - is also quite simple with attack and roll on the face buttons. To use the four spells, you have to use shoulder buttons. Nothing else is needed to win, everything goes easy and quite fast, with any complicated moves or overloaded missions. A perfect variant for beginners or those who cherish lightweight, intuitive action play.

The Bottom Line

Totally charming fantasy action-play video game that has it all to make your day: bright and colorful graphics, clear and interesting plot and easy-to-start controls. A good example of involving gameplay without any innovations in the genre. The great variety of quests that are quite similar to each other, but open new information for further plot development require curiosity, gumption and speedy reaction. With a number of different quests, the game makes it easy for almost every player to enjoy the fantasy world of warrior cats.


From our Cat Quest review, you already know that this is a very lightweight and dynamic action game with cute graphics and simple tasks. With good fantasy plot, extended fighting options, various weapons, and spells make it a good option for both individual and multiplayer modes. Worth trying for cat lovers, children, and lovers of this game genre.

Pros : fantasy plot with various quests;
cute, colorful graphics with lots of details;
easy-to-learn control mode.

Cons : repetitive tasks;
rather simple battles with no extra options for fighters expect spells and your weapon.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.5

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One of the best action games ever!

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