Job Simulator

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  • Release date: 10/13/2016
  • Developer: OWLCHEMY LABS, INC.
  • Genre: Action
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone 10+
Job Simulator

Job Simulator


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Job Simulator Review: Try to work in another way

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Professional Review

Job simulator is a simulator with elements of action. In this game, you have to experience the life of a usual worker in the world of robots. You can download Job Simulator on PC and PS4.

Graphics: 4

Graphics in this game is rather motley, but it doesn’t irritate your eyes. Cartoonish environment makes the process of gaming even funnier and exciting. Also, there are many details in the background, and the animation of some actions is very comical. For example, when you drink coffee or destruct something, your arms begin to twitch amusingly. Viewing such world in VR distracts the player from problems because everything seems to be very simple.

Gameplay: 4

Such genre as the simulator is supposed to give the player a possibility to get a specific job, e.g., pilot, astronaut, machinist, etc. But the developers of Job Simulator decided to create a game about professions that are not romantic. You have hardly dreamt about the vacancy of an office clerk, a store clerk, a cook in an unpretentious cafe, and an auto mechanic.

There are no more living beings outside your workplace – only a couple of robots are near you. If you set a goal to fulfill all the instructions of the robot, then you can pass the level of the office clerk very quickly, so it's better to just fool around and experiment with the environment. You can throw donuts at robots, pour boiling water over the printer and fooling around in a dozen more ways. The problem is that there is nothing more to do in Job Simulator. Robots will give you only rows of the similar tasks that do not become interesting even as their complexity increases.

The three other professions represented in Job Simulator vary a little from the job of the clerk. It is clear that formally the auto mechanic, the seller, and the cook are completely different, but the gameplay here and there boils down to the simplest chains of actions.

Controls: 4

To play Job Simulator, you’ll need two PlayStation Move controllers each of which imitates a human hand in a virtual environment. If you need to take a mug, you really have to reach for it in the right direction. If you want to give the protagonist to drink, throw back your hand and take a cup as if you were really doing it – controls here are intuitively simple and fascinating. If the necessary items are located far enough under the table or in some drawer, then you can lose balance at all, trying to bend properly and reach them.

Replay Value: 2

To make customers happy, you need to carry out the commands of robots without showing off. Pouring inedible liquids into the mixer and destruction of the environment will bore you in ten minutes. In our Job Simulator Review we can say that the game doesn’t have much to capture your attention: after one day of playing you can hardly return to it, even if close people liked to watch you grimacing with a PlayStation VR on your head and two PS Moves in your hands.

The Bottom Line

If you are a gamer, and you are forced to go to work, then make a knight's move and arrange yourself to work in virtual reality! You are waiting by the huge world in which robots perform various works. If you are a big boss in real life, you can try to perform as a simple clerk in the office. Download Job Simulator to find out what it is to «work».



If you have got VR helmet, you definitely should try this simulator with funny graphics and positive soundtrack!

Pros : Funny interaction;
Pleasant and motley graphics;
A lot of jokes and amusing situations.

Cons : Not difficult at all;
Very short campaign.
Low replay value.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 2.0

Average : 3.5

One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone recommends to play it!
One of the best action games ever!

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