Joe's Diner

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  • Release date: 1/17/2017
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone 10+
Joe's Diner

Joe's Diner


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Joe’s Diner Review: Don’t Bother Ancient Spirits

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Professional Review

Joe’s Diner is an action adventure that was released in March 2015. You will work as an employee in the cafe only in the night shift. You can download Joe’s Diner on PC, MacOS, and PS4.

Graphics: 4

Graphics deserves special mention. HD textures, smooth animation, clearly traced objects, realistic physics brighten the game. The graphics component is filled with dark tones that attract the attention of the user and create a certain element of the horror game. The view from the 1st person and the three-dimensional image make the game even more exciting. To scare the player, developers have implemented impressive effects, unexpected animations, and many interactive objects.

Gameplay: 4

Joe’s Diner will give you the opportunity to become an employee in a small eatery that is located on the Route 7. You are going to work in the night shift as a watchman, monitor the cleanliness and safety of this cafe.

The main difficulty is the fact that this eatery was built in the old cemetery where two feuding Indian leaders were buried a long time ago. One of them was a killer, and another – a joker. Their spirits wake up from the slightest noise and make a terrible mess in your territory. You have to quickly flee away from the spirit of the killer and eliminate the consequences of jokes.

Also, you will need to do the work entrusted to you by your boss, making it very quiet. When the chef comes, all the tables, floor and walls have to be absolutely clean. In addition, you’ll need to monitor other factors as well, such as the safety of this cafe.

Controls: 3

The player needs to interact with various objects and sometimes run away from the spirits. There may appear problems with opening of the door. You’ll have to aim at the handle that isn’t always lightened. So, sometimes it can cost you several seconds that are necessary when you try to escape from the spirit. In other respects, everything is normal with the controls: they are smooth and easy to deal with.

Replay Value: 2

In this Joe’s Diner Review we would like to say that this game should be played for one or two times. At the beginning, it’s really funny and sometimes scary to fulfill the work. But when you understand the main principles and see the same reaction of the spirits, you get bored. There is no possibility to upgrade any skills or to find various things. You just have to do nearly the same every night.

The Bottom Line

So, the concept of the game is really interesting. It’s a horror in which, anyway, there present jokes. You are forced to work in this cafe for a month, and can’t leave it. Every night you are stressed because there may appear spirits of Indian leaders. So, everything that is possible to do is to hide and get rid of their presence. You can download Joe’s Diner and try yourself.



If you are looking for something new in the genre of horror, you may like Joe’s Diner.

Pros : Horrifying effects;
Creative concept;
Intimidating soundtrack.

Cons : Comfortless interaction with doors;
Low replay value.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 3.0

Replay Value 2.0

Average : 3.3

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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