LEGO® Worlds

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  • Release date: 3/7/2017
  • Developer: Warner Bros. Interactive
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone 10+
LEGO® Worlds

LEGO® Worlds

Warner Bros. Interactive

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LEGO® Worlds Review: Original Lego Players Dream Came True

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Professional Review

Enjoy yourself as a small figure made of Lego bricks and create your own universe. You can download LEGO® Worlds for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 3.5

The whole Lego world reminds of Minecraft but it has more details and soft line compared to Minecraft. The blocks though don’t look like real life lego blocks, and the whole game isn’t colorful enough as if in the Lego movies for example. You cannot only build everything, but you can also change the entire shape of the surface you’re playing on - make it bulky or more like a hole.

Gameplay: 2

Easy to understand what to do in this game - build and create the new Lego world to your liking. Explore, create, build on a different scale - from one building to the whole mountain or an island. You can destroy it as well and get coins and resources for that. The coins you can spend on buying transport here or your personal pets like a horse or an eagle.

There is a lot of variety to building blocks - you can choose their shapes and colors yourself which is rather time-consuming, or you can build with ready-to-go Lego sets where you have a whole house, the car and all the design and surroundings in it. You can buy different characters and switch between them, all of them have different skills (the wizard, for example, can shoot fireballs). You can buy all kinds of design items - flowers, chairs, paintings, etc.

Controls: 4

Your character can move here in any direction and also climb. The main action you can do in this game is destroying, not building as you could think. The main menu is on the left of the screen where you have your inventory, where all your things and building blocks are and pets; settings, savings and your characters’ appearances which you can also customize yourself. Before building you need to choose an appropriate icon with your lego piece cursor and decide whether you want to build a ready building or block by block.

Replay Value: 4

It’s a major time-killing game. How can you stop when you are able to create the whole new world of your dream? You also have enemies in this game like skeletons, wild animals and others but you don't have to fight them - you can just pass by, and they won’t hurt you. But if you choose to kill them - they’ll then appear in your inventory as a pet or as a new skin for your character. And you can also die in this game so be careful.


In this LEGO® Worlds review, you can find out less than 10% of the things you can do and experience in this game. There so many options available on what to choose (e.g., character skins, locations, weapons, etc.) and how to play this game. You can even cook here. It has a lot of places a scenery to explore - mountains, forests, and ocean: a lot of characters and animals to interact with including a polar bear, ostrich and many more. The creators did a good job and used their imagination to the max which is exactly what you expect from the Lego team.


If you download LEGO® Worlds you can be a God and live in your own Lego universe - the longest dream of yours.

Pros : A lot of things to build and create;
Great variety of characters and animals;
You can upload your own sets to the game.

Cons : No general plot, no storyline;
At some point can become boring.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 2.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 3.4

Everyone enjoy playing this game
Everyone recommends to play it!

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