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  • Release date: 5/19/2015
  • Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Misc
  • Content rating: ESRB Teen


Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Guns UP Honest Review

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Professional Review

Guns Up! is a free-to-play game wherein the players aim to destroy the enemies with a myriad of weapons, forces, and many other elements. Experience the fun of enemy base invasion with Guns Up!

Graphics: 4

The game boasts of brilliant graphics and the use of amazing colors make them all the more appealing. Be it characters, weapons or the arena, everything has been given a realistic feel to escalate the adventure quotient by leaps and bounds. There are various other effects, for instance, the smoke effect, the bomb blasts, etc. that have been intricately designed as well. Because there are many things happening at the same time, the interface may look at bit clumsy.

Gameplay: 5

When it comes to Guns Up!, it is all about invading the army bases of the enemies and protecting yours from them. In this endeavor, you can build your army and gather modern weaponry to destroy the enemy bases. There is a slew of weapons that the game has to offer to you. You can pick from missiles, focus fires, fire bombs, paratroopers, etc. Once in the game, it is all about the strategic placement of your army and deployment of the weapons. Apart from the weapons, one can even choose from different types of soldiers. There are those who grunt & kill, there are grenade launchers, rocketeers, etc.

As you progress in the game, you gain experience and you upgrade your bases and enhance your troops. Further, there is also an online mode in the Guns Up! game which allows the players to connect online and build their base. Once online, the aim of every gamer is to become the ultimate field commander by invading the bases of many other players from across the world.

Controls: 4

The controls of the game are quite easy to understand. Because it’s a PlayStation game, one can rejoice the gameplay with the remote controller of the console. While the direction buttons can be used to navigate the interface of the game, the other buttons i.e. X, Square, Triangle and, O can be used to deploy various weapons or the army personnel. In fact, the R1, R2, L2, L1 can also be used to launch missiles and paratroopers.

Replay Value: 4

The game Guns Up! hold a high replay value owing to the thrill that it boasts of. In fact, there are many things that stay unlocked in the game. In order to unlock them, the player needs to overcome many hurdles and challenges. Thus, the same curiosity to unlock new army personnel or a weapon encourage the gamers to return back to the game. Lastly, the graphics and sound effects of the game too contribute to the high replay value of the game.


If battle games are something that you love to play, do try Guns Up! It offers you a plenty of opportunities to implement your strategic thinking to defeat your enemies. Oodles of weapons, a large number of army personnel and amazing battlegrounds keep you on your toes as you rejoice the gameplay. You can even plunge into a battling adventure online with many other players.


Edge out your enemies from their base with modern weapons and your army only in this thrilling game – Guns Up!

Pros : Superb Graphics and Sound Effects
Easy to Understand and Play
Online Mode to Further Manifold the Intensity of the Challenges

Cons : A Bit Clumsy Interface Due to Many Options and Features

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.3

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