Harvest Moon®: Save the Homeland

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  • Release date: 5/9/2017
  • Developer: Natsume Inc.
  • Genre: Misc
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone
Harvest Moon®: Save the Homeland

Harvest Moon®: Save the Homeland

Natsume Inc.

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Harvest Moon Review: Save the Homeland

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Professional Review

Harvest Moon is a simulation game that brings your young character to a tumbledown farmhouse. Money-hungry developers are seeking to clear your homeland and build a resort. It’s up to you to save it. Download Harvest Moon from the PlayStation Store.

Graphics: 4

The game has beautiful visuals that send out a lighthearted sensation. You won’t get bored with them, even during extended game sessions. Save the Homeland’s interface has a colorful cel-shaded layout, a design element that suits the game flawlessly. Characters and other objects are quite detailed while still preserving the cartoon aesthetic, which is considerably appealing. Some sceneries such as viewing the sunrise and sunset and observing first leaves of autumn are beautiful.

Gameplay: 4

With ravening developers seeking to destroy the village, it is your responsibility to stop them and save the homeland as you are the only hope left. In a year’s time, you are required to nurture your grandfather’s farmstead back to its initial glory and somehow persuade the developers to leave the village undemolished. You are expected to complete the tasks at hand and adjust style to your preference, rather than issuing orders and observing the outcomes evolve indirectly. 

The game gives you a lot of activities to complete. If you have seeds and a watering can, you can plant some veggies in various plots you have already tilled and prepared. You can harvest and sell your product, and use the money to grow the farm by diversifying your crops and purchasing new tools. You can also interact with the wild world by gathering wild fruits and hanging out with local girls. There are a lot of engaging activities to keep you sufficiently engrossed.

Controls: 4

The controls are quite intuitive, and you will get used to them quickly. For instance, you look around using the right analog stick, and this enables you to interact with objects in your environment easily. The X button is dedicated to picking and throwing away objects, but this could be inconveniencing when you throw away an item unintentionally. Moreover, there is no overhead map to guide you when moving around without getting lost.

Replay Value: 4

One of the cool things about Harvest Moon is how you progressively unveil the sequential levels of the game. In the beginning, there’s not so much for you to do because all you have is just a little farm. Thanks to the solid storyline, you will be looking forward to playing the game again and again as your farm grows bigger until you manage to convince the developers to drop their pursuit.

The Bottom Line

It’s worth mentioning in this Harvest Moon review that the game has a considerably exciting storyline, even though it might look as if there is no progress made as you start out. Once the vastness of activities you can engage in expands, it becomes more captivating. Good controls enable you to have unhindered charge over all features in the game. It is most likely you won’t regret downloading Harvest Moon.



This game will not only give you a fun time, but it will also challenge you as numerous situations need excellent decision-making skills.

Pros : Simplified interface for easier navigation;
Several game paths to follow, all leading to nine different endings.

Cons : Occasional conversational sections you cannot fastforward; 
Starts out slow, so patience is of the essence here.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.0

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
Everyone enjoy playing this game

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