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  • Release date: 1/19/2016
  • Developer: La Cosa Entertainment LLC
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone 10+


La Cosa Entertainment LLC

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KLAUS Review: Awesome Game for Platformer Fans

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Professional Review

KLAUS is a platformer game that features a self-aware narrative of a man who wakes up one day only to find himself in the middle of nowhere with no idea about who he is. Download KLAUS and get a taste of the mystery.

Graphics: 3

KLAUS has mediocre graphics, and not many players would find them inviting. The terrible blend of visual elements degraded the otherwise great game. There is no detailed representation of the character. The game is a 2D platformer, but there is nothing spectacular about the way various objects have been rendered. Moreover, it is not easy to distinguish the moves done by your character. The saving grace here is exciting gameplay may make you overlook the poor graphics.

Gameplay: 4.5

The story begins as an exclusive commentary on the modern corporate culture and progresses into an account of personal conquest, anguish, and redemption. A worker wakes up without the slightest information of who he is or his surroundings. His only hint with regards to his identity is the word 'KLAUS' which is written on his arm. He is required to flee the constructivist world where he discovers himself as a prisoner. You can play alongside K1, who is presented as an ally, setting out on a dangerous existential journey to try and unearth self-awareness and the realities of your identity. You and your partner have unique skills which seem to complement each other in certain situations. In your pursuit to identify who you are, there are hidden prize levels where you get to collect rewards. The game gets better when playing the timed arcade mode where you get to compete against your friends in the online leaderboards.

Controls: 5

You can interchange between playing Klaus or K1 by pressing the triangle button. This becomes necessary when you send the characters separate ways as they aid one another in making progress, putting their unique skills to work. Once a level is over, the two characters eventually meet up at the end. In an event where the two characters are together, controlling them is easy as you only have to hold the R1 button.

Replay Value: 3

It is essential to mention in this KLAUS review that the game does not have much to offer concerning replay value, but this will vary depending on your interests and preferences. Though the game features a solid storyline, concepts are monotonous, as challenges are similar from one level to another. However, this might be a neat way of passing the time as the game will offer you an excitingly adventurous experience.

The Bottom Line

KLAUS is certainly a cool platformer game, and this becomes more evident as you progress. You are bound to get engrossed in the storyline and understand the flow of events as there is commentary integrated into the narrative. If graphics are your major influencer is choosing games to play, then this one might not be that appealing. However, if you are in search of a fresh storyline and gameplay to enjoy regardless of the visuals, then download KLAUS today.



KLAUS is a cool platformer game that will keep you engaged for hours if middling graphics are something you can overlook.

Pros : Simple controls for easy play;
Fun platforming mechanics;
An incredibly interesting storyline.

Cons : Boss battles are considerably weak.

Graphics 3.0

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 3.0

Average : 3.9

Everyone enjoy playing this game
One of the most trending games right now!

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