Worms™ Revolution

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  • Release date: 10/9/2012
  • Developer: Team17 Software Ltd.
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone 10+
Worms™ Revolution

Worms™ Revolution

Team17 Software Ltd.

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Worms™ Revolution Review: Become A Soldier And Protect The Worms

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Professional Review

Another edition of worms’ universe games but this time with new graphics and physics. Play as a bunch of worms and participate in wars for land and life. Download Worms™ Revolution for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Windows, Xbox 360, OS X.

Graphics: 1.5

This game has classic 2D graphics with a 3D engine. The new thing in this part is liquid water which can kill your enemies. Water can also disappear or get stuck on vertical surfaces due to multiple bugs and glitches of the game. In general, the worms’ design and location graphics are underwhelming. But there's a big map and nice moving backgrounds.

Gameplay: 3

A classic tactic war game where your group of worms has to kill other groups of worms. You need to think before taking action because it's important to strike the opposite team in the right way otherwise you'll lose. You can use different weapons to get to them through different sceneries which usually are mountains with different holes in them. Bomb the mountains making holes bigger and destroy your opponent. In this part of games, you can interact with water and use it to wash away and drown your nemesis slowly. Single and up to 4 players modes available.

There are several worms classes (Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy) which is confusing because it's hard to figure out what's the difference between them and you don't really see the massive change on the battlefields thanks to them. But, supposedly, Soldiers are your standard go-to fighters, Scouts are faster, have more health but less powerful attacks, Scientists can make better weapons and give you health bonuses, Heavy worms are slower but more resistant and have more powerful attacks.

Controls: 4

You have two parties of worms standing on opposite sides of some rock. You have to choose the needed weapon from the inventory and aim at your enemies. You can directly hit them or hit their surroundings so it would kill them instead of you. Each worm has its health points above their heads, each worm class has a different number of these points. The battle has 30 minutes, whoever has more worms and points left will win.

Replay Value: 3

In theory, it's an endless playing game because each time you can create and try a new strategy of combat. There's no beginning or end of the plot so you can go back to the game whenever you want. There's a big map with a lot of places to explore available and a lot of weapons to try, but the poor performance of this game makes it difficult to enjoy it.


The purpose of the Worms™ Revolution review is to tell you that this game is a complete fail. Better to go for other parts of the Worms’ world series or better yet go back to classic one. It's a shame because this game has a lot of potentials - a lot of levels and locations, fun and cute game in general but you have to be lucky not have any glitches and crashes.


Probably only hardcore Worms™ Revolution fans would like to download the game. Even they might be disappointed by its performance.

Pros : New design and graphics;
A lot of levels.

Cons : Too many bugs and glitches;
Too simplistic physics.

Graphics 1.5

Gameplay 3.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 3.0

Average : 2.9

Everyone recommends to play it!
One of the most trending games right now!

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